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2018 Siena Heights University Catalog 
2018 Siena Heights University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business and Management


Siena Heights University offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in the areas of Accounting, Business Administration, Management, Marketing and Sport Management. An Associate of Arts (AA) degree is offered in Accounting and Business Administration. Students may not double major in the Division. 


The Business and Management Division offers minors including: Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Management, and Marketing. These minors are offered to non-business majors only. 


Concentrations are a series of courses in a particular business field. Concentrations are designed to allow Business and Management Division students to further study in one or more areas of interest. Students majoring in the Business and Management Division may concentrate in one or more of the following areas: accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, information technology management, international business, management, and marketing. Concentrations are only offered to students majoring in business administration. 

GPA Minimums for the Major

Accounting, Business Administration, Management, Marketing majors require a 2.5 GPA in the program requirements. Sport Management majors require a 2.5 GPA in the program requirements, field experience and cognate requirements.  Students earning a “D” grade cannot count this towards any major if it is transferred from another institution. Otherwise, “D” grades satisfy Accounting, Business Administration, Management, Marketing and Sport Management major requirements provided the minimum GPA is maintained.

Applying Credits

The same course may not apply to two majors or to both a major and a minor. Courses that are part of an AA degree, however, do apply towards a BA or BBA. See your advisor for details.

Transfer Credit

  1. “D” transfer grades do not apply at all to Division majors, minors or concentrations.Only grades of a 2.0 in the course or higher will count toward courses in any major, minor, and/or concentration in the Division. 
  2. After initial enrollment at Siena Heights University, subsequent courses taken elsewhere become “transfer courses”. Only transfer courses with prior written approval from the program chairperson may apply to the major. The appropriate site director or chairperson must approve, in writing, departures from the student’s approved major degree plan.
  3. Accounting, Business Administration, Management, and Marketing majors may transfer in the equivalents of MGT 302  and MKT 310  provided they are 300-400 level courses. To apply either of these courses, the student must earn a 2.0 or higher in a specified Management or Marketing validator course at Siena Heights University. Not all courses qualify as validators.
    1. Siena Heights University Management Validators for MGT 302 : BAM 340 , BAM 450 , MGT 357 , MGT 360 , MGT 361 , MGT 450 , MGT 452  and MGT 457 .
    2. Siena Heights University Marketing Validators for MKT 310  : MKT 320 , MKT 350 , MKT 351 , MKT 360 , MKT 455 , MKT 460  and MKT 470 .
  4. For any Accounting, Business Administration, Management, Marketing and Sport Management major, a minimum of 24 credits in the major must be completed at Siena Heights University.  For Business Administration, Management, and Marketing majors, FIN 340   and BAM 479  must be completed at Siena Heights University. For Accounting majors, at least 12 of these 24 hours must be “ACC” courses excluding ACC 480 . For Sport Management majors, students must complete 18 hours within the program requirements. For Sport Management majors, at least 12 of these 24 hours must be “SMG” courses excluding SMG 280  and SMG 480 
  5. For Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Management, and Marketing minors, a 12 credit hour minimum must be taken with Siena Heights University at the 300-400 level. For Accounting, a minimum of six (6) credit hours must be ACC courses. For Finance, a minimum of six (6) credit hours must be FIN courses. 
  6. Transfer student, who have a breadth and depth of Business coursework, experience or both, may waive Intro to Business and substitute a major elective. Any waiver requires written Program Chair approval.