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2018 Siena Heights University Catalog 
2018 Siena Heights University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Organizational Leadership, M.A.

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Available in Adrian, Battle Creek and Online.

The Organizational Leadership program is intended for individuals who have five (5) or more years of professional work experience. The focus of the program is the personal and professional development of the individual as a facilitator and manager of change in self, others, and organizations. These skills are becoming increasingly critical as organizations seek to remain relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing world. The curriculum incorporates multidisciplinary concepts from the social sciences, business, communications, and education.

Course Requirements

Organizational Leadership Concentration: 18 credit hours

Total for Major: 36 credit hours

* Capstone Experience

The Master of Arts in the Organizational Leadership Program Capstone Experience entails:

  1. A “Capstone Course” which provides review and reflection of program core courses along with a “360o Assessment” survey.
  2. An electronic graduate portfolio (e-portfolio).
    The electronic portfolio contains artifacts demonstrating the student’s professional competencies, and is based on the leadership program learning outcomes (see below). Such a portfolio is required of students in order to graduate from any of our MA programs. Leadership students usually begin to assemble their portfolio during the LDR 601 Leadership Theory . Students are required to have the following documents in their graduate portfolio:
  • Table of contents
  • Current professional resume
  • Transcripts
  • Training certificates
  • Specialized awards or certificates
  • List of competencies
  • Three competency documents developed during the “first year of study”
  • Relevant projects from LDR courses such as final projects, research papers, or presentations Prior learning credit awards (if applicable)

As part of the graduate program in Organizational Leadership at Siena Heights University, students will:

  1. Analyze and evaluate a leader’s contribution in dynamic decision making by utilizing teaming and entrepreneurial focus.
  2. Analyze and evaluate various leadership theories, including servant leadership, while developing a personalized leadership development plan (a.k.a. “portfolio”) that reflects their professional growth and development as a leader.
  3. Analyze and evaluate analytical procedures and methods relevant to exploratory research through the utilization of professional and scholarly writing practices.
  4. Analyze and evaluate quantitative decision making techniques that will provide leaders the best possible solutions to a problem involving limited resources.
  5. Analyze and evaluate various theories of human behavior and recognize how they influence the workplace from an organizational leadership perspective.
  6. Analyze and evaluate the ethical, social, legal cultural, and political issues as they relate to organizational leadership.
  7. Analyze and evaluate the performance of their interactions with others so as to reflect human kindness.
  8. Analyze and evaluate how they demonstrate and reflect their work in a competent, purposeful, and ethical manner.
  9. Analyze and evaluate choices made in their professional contracts, which posits them to reflect human dignity in action.
  10. Question and synthesize internal and external leadership behaviors, into a personal brand, consistent with their values and practices (Capstone).

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