Dec 07, 2023  
2018 Siena Heights University Catalog 
2018 Siena Heights University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Arts Degree in Leadership

The Master of Arts degree in Leadership (MAL) program at Siena Heights University is designed to help adult professionals more effectively utilize critical thinking skills by integrating theory into practice. The core curriculum provides students an in-depth analysis of past and current leadership theory, ethical reasoning, research methodologies, cultural awareness, organizational culture, quantitative factors, and strategic planning. Each course is designed to provide multiple opportunities for practical application of knowledge and competency in students’ personal and professional lives. In addition, students complete a Capstone summary course (in Organizational Leadership), and an electronic graduate portfolio (in all concentrations) which highlights the competencies and skill sets learned during the Master of Arts in Leadership program.

The Master of Arts in Leadership program has been developed for the student who is a working professional with a unique set of skills built upon knowledge and concepts obtained from education and experience. It is a 36- credit-hour program consisting of five (5) common required courses (15 credit hours) for all concentrations and seven (7) courses (21 credit hours) specific to each concentration. With an awareness of the busy lifestyles so many lead today, courses are offered in a blended 5/3 or 4/4 format (five (5) classes online and three (3) in the classroom or four (4) classes online and four (4) in the classroom), as well as totally online. The classroom meetings are usually held from 6:00pm to 9:30pm on weekday evenings or from 9:00am - 4:00pm on the weekends. This format allows students to complete four (4) courses during each session of the academic year (i.e. two in fall 1, two in fall 2, two in winter 1, etc), if they wish; alternatively, students may choose to take just two (2) courses per session (i.e., one in fall 1, one in fall 2, one in winter 1, etc).