Dec 02, 2023  
2022 Siena Heights University Catalog 
2022 Siena Heights University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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ECE 394 Professional Seminar in Early Childhood

1 credit hours

The professional seminar is designed to organize and support the candidate through the practicum experience. The seminar provides international topics for discussion and mentorship through professional collaboration.

The candidate will meet weekly throughout the semester building on the professional portfolio. Practicum programming and requirements will be discussed and evaluated as part of the weekly discussions.

Prerequisite: ECE 300 Emergent Literacy: Birth to 8 years  and ECE 325 Math Methods for Young Children  and ECE 350 Science and Technology for Young Children  and ECE 360 Social Studies Methods for Young Children  and ECE 380 Child Development Practicum I  or By Permission
Corequisite: ECE 390 Early Childhood Practicum Experience  
Course is Offered: FA and WI Every Year

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