Nov 29, 2023  
2020 Siena Heights University Catalog 
2020 Siena Heights University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Social Work, B.S.W

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Course Requirements for Major

Liberal Arts: 32 credit hours

General Electives: 27 credit hours

Total for Degree: 120 credit hours

Other Requirements

  1. Recommended Associates or Minor Degree Programs: Criminal Justice, Psychology, Gerontology, Spanish, Political Science, Child Development, Ethnic and Gender Studies.
  2. Only social work students who have been admitted into the social work program may take social work courses SWK 334 , SWK 335 , SWK 395 , SWK 480 , SWK 481 , and SWK 495 .
  3. Application to the Program: All students who want to major in social work must have completed SWK 111  and apply and be accepted into the social work program no later than the second session of their sophomore year and prior to registering for SWK 334 . Transfer students must apply and be accepted prior to registering for SWK 334 . See the Social Work Program Student Handbook for further information and the required forms.
  4. Student Portfolio: All students must maintain a portfolio of their academic work which reflects their knowledge and application of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) Core Competencies and Practice Behaviors. The portfolio will be reviewed and evaluated by faculty during the students’ senior year. See the Social Work Program Student Handbook for further information.
  5. Grade Point Average: All students must maintain at least a cumulative 2.5 g.p.a. in the social work major and required cognates and an overall 2.0 g.p.a. to be in the social work program.
  6. Field Practice: Students are required to complete SWK 480 Social Work Field Practice I  and SWK 481 Social Work Field Practice II  sequentially in residence at the Adrian Campus. Transferred field practice credits cannot be substituted for these two courses due to CSWE accreditation requirement. Students are required to complete 225 supervised hours each session for a total of 450 hours. Students are also required to purchase Student Liability Insurance and become members of the National Associate on Social Workers. See the Social Work Program Student Handbook for further information.
  7. Personal Safety Training: All students will be required to complete Personal Safety Training prior to enrolling in SWK 480 . All students enrolled in SWK 335  will be required to complete the training.
  8. Prior Learning Credit and Transfer Credit: No social work academic credit will be awarded for prior learning experiences. No credits for required social work courses will be accepted from non-accredited social work programs, (with the possible exception of a social work program in candidacy for CSWE accreditation).
  9. Grades: No grade below “C” will be allowed in any social work course and/or required cognates for the major. In such case, the course must be retaken and result in a grade of “C” or better. Courses required for the major may be repeated only once.
  10. Legal Status of Candidates for the Social Work degree:
    Candidates for the social work program need to be aware that conviction for a felony crime may be grounds for denial of entry into the social work program and for denial of a social work certificate or license. The social work program requires a criminal background check of all applicants to the program. See the Social Work Student Handbook for more information.

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