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2020 Siena Heights University Catalog 
2020 Siena Heights University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Special Programs and Services


Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement Credit will be accepted for scores of three (3) or higher. The amount of credit accepted will be determined by the appropriate department/program. All credit accepted will be recorded on the student’s transcript as credit (CR) only. No grade points will be assigned.

Credit earned by means of Advanced Placement will fulfill the Liberal Arts Requirements providing that such credit has been designated by the appropriate department/program chairperson as fulfilling Liberal Arts requirements.

Advanced Placement Test Name Score Required Credit Awarded Course Equivalent
Art 2D Design 3 3 General Elective / Liberal Arts: Fine Performing Arts
Art Drawing 3 3 ART 109  
Art History 3 3 ARH 230  
Biology 3 or 4 4 BIO 101  
Biology 5 4 BIO 141  
Calculus AB 4 4 MAT 181  
Calculus BC 4 4 MAT 182  
Chemistry 3 or 4 4 CHE 141  
Chemistry 5 4 CHE 141  & CHE 142  
Chinese Language & Culture 3 3 General Elective Credit
Comparative Gov’t & Politics 3 3 PSC 260  
Computer Science A 3 3 General Elective Credit
Computer Science Principles 3 3 General Elective Credit
English Literature & Comp. 3 3 ENG 113  
English Language & Comp 3 3 ENG 101  
Environmental Science 3 4 Liberal Arts Science
European History 3 3 HIS 341  
French Language & Culture 4 3 Two- sessions Language Requirement
German Language 3 6 General Elective Credit
Human Geography 3 3 GEO 301  
Italian Language & Culture 3 3 General Elective Credit
Japanese Language & Culture 3 3 General Elective Credit
Latin: Virgil 3 3 General Elective Credit
Macroeconomics 3 3 ECO 222  
Microeconomics 3 3 ECO 221  
Music Theory 3 2 MMM 110   
Physics I: Algebra based 3 4 Liberal Arts Science
Physics 2: Algebra based 3 4 PHY 142  
Physics 1 & 2 3 (each) 8 PHY 141  & PHY 142  
Physics B 3 4 PHY 141  
Physics C: Mechanics 3 4 PHY 161  
Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism 3 4 PHY 162  
Psychology 3 3 PSY 111  
Research 3 3 ENG 102  
Seminar 3 3 LAS 141  
Spanish Language & Culture 4 4 300 Level SPA Requirement
Spanish Language & Culture 5 4 SPA 240  & SPA 241  
Spanish Literature & Culture 4 4 300 Level SPA Requirement
Spanish Literature & Culture 5 4 SPA 240  & SPA 241  
Statistics 4 3 MAT 174  
Studio Art 3 3 Studio Art Credit
U.S. History 3 3 HIS 210  
U.S. Government & Politics 3 3 PSC 130  
World History 3 3 HIS 111  

College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Siena Heights University awards credit for successful completion of CLEP as established by the University. For information about the CLEP program, please contact the Advising Office.

  1. Siena Heights University allows a maximum of 36 credit hours of CLEP credit toward the baccalaureate degree and 18 toward the associate degree.
  2. Siena Heights University awards three to nine credit hours (see below) for each CLEP subject matter examination passed at a scaled score of 50 or higher.
  3. Students may not receive CLEP credit for subjects for which they have already received college/university credit or for which they are in the process of earning college/university credit.
  4. Siena Heights University records the name of the CLEP examination on the student’s transcript along with the notation “CLEP Examination.” The grade of “CR” (meaning Credit) is also  recorded. No letter grades or honor points are awarded for CLEP credit.
  5. A student who passes a CLEP examination which is analogous to a program requirement may be given a written waiver for that requirement by the program director but may be required to take a substitute course in that program. 
  6. Credit earned by means of CLEP will fulfill the Liberal Arts requirements provided that such credit has been designated by the appropriate department/program chairperson as fulfilling Liberal Arts requirements.
  7. See Liberal Arts requirements for which CLEP exams satisfy Liberal Arts requirements.
  8. Liberal Arts Credit will be granted for successful completion in Calculus and Pre Calculus.
  9. Spanish Language Level I & II with a high score of 69 will receive 16 hours of credit equivalent to SPA 101 , SPA 140 , SPA 240  & SPA 241 .
  10. CLEP credit will be accepted within an Associate degree with transfer credit.

Credit Awarded for CLEP Examinations 

   Scaled Session                                   ACE Recommended  
General Examinations Score Hours Equivalency
College Composition 50 6 ENG 101  and ENG 102  
College Composition Modular 50 3 ENG 102  
Humanities 50 3 Elective Credit
Natural Sciences 50 6 Elective Credit
Social Sciences and History 50 6 Elective Credit

Subject Examinations
American Government 50 3 Elective Credit
American Literature 50 3 Elective Credit
Analysis and Interpreting of Literature 50 3 Elective Credit
Biology 50 6 Liberal Arts Science Credit
Calculus  50 4 MAT 181  
Chemistry 50 6 Liberal Arts Science Credit 
College Algebra 50 3 MAT 102  
College Mathematics 50 6 Elective Credit
English Literature 50 3 Elective Credit
Financial Accounting 50 3 Elective Credit
French Language Level I 50 6 Elective Credit
French Language Level II 59 9 Elective Credit
German Language Level I 50 6 Elective Credit
German Language Level II 60 9 Elective Credit
History of the United States I: Early Colonization to 1877 50 3 Elective Credit
History of the United States II: 1865 to Present 50 3 Elective Credit
Human Growth and Development 50 3 Elective Credit
Information Systems 50 3 Elective Credit
Introductory Business Law 50 3 Elective Credit
Introduction to Educational Psychology 50 3 Elective Credit
Introductory Psychology 50 3 PSY 111  
Introductory Sociology 50 3 SOC 111  
Pre Calculus 50 3 Liberal Arts Credit
Principles of Macroeconomics 50 3 ECO 222  
Principles of Management 50 3 Elective Credit
Principles of Marketing 50 3 Elective Credit
Principles of Microeconomics 50 3 ECO 221  
Spanish Language Level I 50 6 Elective Credit
Spanish Language Level II 63 9 Elective Credit
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648 50 3 Elective Credit
Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present  50 3 Elective Credit

Contract Major

In keeping with Siena Heights University’s mission to individualize education, the contract major allows students to design their own degree programs. The purpose of this program is to give high ability students an opportunity to create a university education that integrates their interests, abilities, and aspirations. Because the contract major is a significant departure from traditional curricula, students are expected to accept high levels of responsibility for designing and executing their programs. Interested students should contact the Advising Office or the appropriate site director.

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment is a special admission program for junior and senior high school students. To qualify, students must have a minimum, cumulative high school grade point average of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale). To participate, students must submit the following:

  1. A completed Dual Enrollment Application signed by the high school principal or counselor.
  2. A completed Dual Enrollment Consent Form signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  3. An official, high school transcript.

Forms may be found online or requested from the the Dual Enrollment Coordinator in the Center for Student Success. To request forms, or for additional information, please contact the Dual Enrollment Coordinator at dualenrollment@sienaheights.edu or 517-264-7609.

The Experiential Education and Internship Program

The Experiential Education and Internship Program is designed to provide students an opportunity to integrate a practical work experience with their academic program of study. The program is open to undergraduate students pursuing a certificate, associate or bachelor degree at Siena Heights University who meet the University internship guidelines and registration requirements. Work experiences contributing to the development of the student may be arranged with industry, education, business, the arts, social services, government, and various other career fields.

All students must be in good academic standing and have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 to participate in the program. Students must also receive approval from their respective departments and the Career Services Office on the Adrian campus.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

Siena Heights University awards 24 credits to students who earn the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. Alternatively, the University awards credit for IB Higher Level (HL) examinations or IB Standard Level (SL) examinations in some subject areas. These transfer credits are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Below is a list of IB classes that have been reviewed and will be accepted as credits for applicants who have applied.

IB Course Level Score Required SHU Equivalency
Biology HL 5-7 BIO 101  
Biology SL X Not Accepted
Chemistry HL 5 CHE 110  
Chemistry HL 6, 7 CHE 141  and CHE 142  
Chemistry SL X Not Accepted
Economics SL X Not Accepted
Economics HL 5, 6 ECO 221  
Economics HL 7 ECO 221  and ECO 222  
English A HL 5-7 ENG 101  
English A SL X Not Accepted
English A HL 5-7 ENG 101  
English A SL X Not Accepted
History HL 5-7 History Elective Credit
ITGS HL 5-7 General Elective Credit
Math HL 5-7 Three hours of Liberal Arts Math Requirement 
Music SL 5-7 MMM 114
Physics HL 5-7 PHY 141  and PHY 142  
Physics SL X Not Accepted
Psychology HL 5-7 PSY 111  
Psychology SL x Not Accepted
Spanish HL A 5 Three hours of 300+ Spanish literature classes
Spanish HL A 6 Three hours of 300+ Spanish literature classes
Spanish HL A 7 Six hours of 300+ Spanish literature classes
Spanish HL B 5 SPA 101  and SPA 140  
Spanish HL B 6, 7 SPA 240  and SPA 241  
Spanish SL X Not Accepted


The Siena Heights University Library offers a diverse and robust collection of electronic and print resources to accommodate students on and off campus. The library supplements this collection through participation in local resource sharing as a member of the Detroit Area Library Network (DALNET) and the Michigan Electronic Library Catalog (MeLCat), as well as traditional interlibrary loan with partners around the nation. In addition to its informational offerings, the library offers computers and printing, a conference room, a classroom and formal and informal study spaces to meet a broad range of student needs. The SHU Library staff is user-focused and available to assist students with everything from using library resources to research assistance and citation help. Students can access the library’s collection and gain more information about the library via the SHU library website. Links to the website are located on MySiena.

Prior Learning Credit

Prior to beginning a formal education at Siena Heights, students may have had significant learning experiences through work, non-university courses or training, community service, or other accomplishments. These learning experiences may be worth academic credit if (1) the learning is university-level, (2) the experience can be documented by a third party, and (3) the student can present documentation which gives evidence of the learning experience and thereby persuades the University of its value. Academic credit is awarded for university-level learning, not for the experience itself. The appropriate site director will provide assistance with guidelines and procedures for developing the petition. The final petition is evaluated by University faculty.

Credit earned by a Prior Learning Credit petition (1) counts as elective credit, (2) does not count toward residency, (3) may be awarded at a junior/senior level, (4) may fulfill a liberal arts requirement if approved by the appropriate department. There is a maximum of 9 credit hours for an Associate Degree and 18 credit hours for a Baccalaureate Degree.

Graduate College Credit for Prior Learning Experience

The graduate student who has prior learning experiences through work, non-college courses or training, community service, or other accomplishments, may be eligible for prior learning experience credit. The experiences must have provided graduate level equivalent learning outside the university classroom, with documentation to demonstrate the learning. The documentation for the petition for prior learning experience credit is evaluated by graduate faculty with expertise in the field or discipline in which credit is sought. All prior learning experience credit is noted as “CR” (credit) on the Siena Heights University transcript. No grade points are awarded. Due to state licensing restrictions in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program, credit for prior learning experience can only be granted for electives.

Prior learning experience credit is typically added to the Siena Heights University transcript after the graduate student has completed a minimum of nine (9) credit-hours in a planned program at the university. Prior learning experience credit forms can be found on the Registrar’s Office site.

Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program

The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program is designed to prepare talented undergraduate students for graduate school and doctoral studies. The McNair Scholars Program is one of seven national TRIO programs authorized under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 and funded through the Department of Education. Currently, there are 179 programs at colleges and universities throughout the country.

The program is named for Ronald Ervin McNair, one of the first African Americans in the United States space program. Dr. McNair was a crew member aboard the space shuttle Challenger when it exploded on January 28, 1986. A physicist with a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, McNair has become a symbol of academic excellence.

In order to be eligible for this program, students must be either a member of an under-represented group in higher education or be a first generation (neither parent has a bachelor’s degree) and low income college student. Additional requirements for applicants include the following: full time student, second session sophomore status, a 3.0 grade point average, declared major, and commitment to attend graduate school leading to a doctoral degree. The McNair program provides a summer research course, research opportunities, graduate school visits, faculty mentoring, and an annual stipend. McNair Scholars attend professional conferences, present their research findings and attend seminars on graduate school admission. Applications are accepted throughout the academic year.

Academic Support

Center for Student Success (CSS)

The Center for Student Success confidently encourages student success and persistence through competent, ethical, accessible, collaborative and purposeful advising and mentoring which helps students fill empowered to achieve their academic, social, spiritual, career and personal goals. CSS staff assist students to live the mission of Siena Heights University by helping students to become more Competent by enabling them to maximize their academic success through degree planning and helping to define and reach their personal, academic, and career goals; Purposeful by enabling them to discover a broad array of opportunities in and out of the classroom and requiring their participation in the decision making process, leading toward advocacy for oneself; Ethical by enabling them to become confident, responsible, ethical, self-reliant problem solvers and reflective lifelong learners.

Career Services

The primary mission of Career Services is to aid students in developing, evaluating and effectively initiating and implementing their own career plans. Careers Services assist students with engaging in self-assessments, obtaining occupational information, and exploring career fields that are relevant to each student’s plan. Integrating career planning into liberal arts core courses as well as senior seminars in a student’s major is vital toward assisting with each plan. Through sponsorships of on-campus employer recruitment, employment fairs, workshops including resume writing and mock interviewing, as well as use of electronic resources, all contribute toward helping the student to reach their career goal. Career Services also maintains an online job board for all Siena Heights University students and alumni.

Disability Resources

The Office of Disability Resources supports the mission of Siena Heights University by working with faculty and staff to provide a teaching and learning environment which respects the dignity of all. Students who have documented disabilities are provided support, including appropriate auxiliary aids and services, assuring them an equal opportunity to participate in the educational process at Siena Heights University in accordance with Section 504 and Title II of the ADA law (29 U.S.C. Section 794). Regular meetings are encouraged with students to assist them in reaching their academic goals.

First Year Experience

The First Year Experience supports the institution’s mission by helping students establish a foundation that creates experiences to personally and academically transition and connect first year students with the institution and community. This is accomplished by creating a teaching and learning environment that intentionally engages students in a way that promotes their personal development and holistically helps them to become more competent, purposeful, and ethical leaders which respects the dignity of all.

Student Support Services (SSS)

Authorized by Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 and funded by the U.S. Department of Education, this national TRiO program has been serving students on the main campus since 1979. This program is designed to prepare students for graduation from Siena Heights University with a baccalaureate degree. SSS participants will receive services from the first day they arrive on campus until the day of their graduation.

Tutoring Program

The University provides tutoring services for students who may need assistance in multiple subject areas. The Math Lab assists students in all areas of math; the Writing Center assists students with composition skills and writing assignments in all disciplines; the Language Tutor Program assists students in writing, speaking and comprehension of Spanish and/or other languages; and Academic Tutoring Services offers tutoring for students needing assistance in other disciplines not mentioned in the previously listed opportunities. Tutoring services may be accessed through the library or through the site director of the degree completion center.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center is a free resource on the Adrian campus. Staffed by talented undergraduate students, the Writing Center offers help at all stages in the writing process. Students are encouraged to visit the Writing Center for a drop-in session or to schedule an appointment. More information can be found at writingcenter.sienaheights.edu.

The aim of the Writing Center is to help students become better, more confident writers. Therefore, no practices will be followed that involve completing the work for students. The staff does not write on students’ papers, suggest specific details to add or delete, correct papers, suggest grades, comment on grades that have already been given, or work with students who admit to plagiarizing.

The Writing Center offers a variety of hours to accommodate class schedules, and students are encouraged to stop by or schedule an appointment.

The College of Professional Studies and Graduate College students have access to writing assistance through a dedicated Graduate Assistant assigned to assist students with scholarly writing. eTutoring services are also available. Students who wish to utilize these free services should contact their advisor.