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2018 Siena Heights University Catalog 
2018 Siena Heights University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SED 385 Strategies for Fundamental Reading and Functional Reading

2 credit hours

During this course, the teacher education student will examine research based instruction in fundamental and functional reading. Functional and fundamental reading in all domains is covered and practiced. Age appropriate modifications will be implemented. The teacher education student will communicate these to other professionals. In addition, the teacher education student will, based on research models, develop skills at designing, implementing, evaluating programs and adaptation techniques and activities related to fundamental and functional reading for individuals with moderate to severe cognitive disabilities. These reading instructions will include but not be limited to academic, social daily living, and prevocational/vocational skills. Assessments, (norm referenced, criterion referenced, and curriculum based) will be explored and implemented. Discussed in this class will be the construction of age-appropriate environments that facilitate growth and learning in reading. Teacher education students will explore all factors related to the IEP, ITP and 504 processes related to reading. Required: 20 clock hours in a setting with individuals with cognitive impairment.

Prerequisite: Acceptance into the Teacher Education Program and SED 381 Nature and Need of Individuals with Cognitive Impairment   
Course is Offered: FA 2018, FA 2020

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