May 29, 2024  
2018 Siena Heights University Catalog 
2018 Siena Heights University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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PCM 495 Professional Communication Seminar

3 credit hours

This course will provide a culminating experience for Professional Communication majors. It affords the student a unique opportunity to gain experience and expertise working within the industry/discipline of his/her choosing. Students will conceptualize, design, and complete a major paper relating to their specific professional field. This paper will synthesize the effective writing, communication, and critical thinking skills that the student has refined through the completion of the major Students will compile a portfolio comprised of project information and personal journals collected over the session as documentation of progress. This course will place an emphasis on ensuring that students are familiar with technology tools and terminology that are used by professional communicators in a variety of fields. 

Course is Offered: At one or more Siena Heights degree completion centers, but may not be available on the Adrian campus

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