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2021 Siena Heights University Catalog 
2021 Siena Heights University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SWK 440 Social Welfare Policy

3 credit hours

This course provides students with an overview of the issues surrounding the development, implementation, and evaluation of social welfare policies. It is specifically designed to strengthen students’ recognition of social, political, and economic forces that shape social welfare policy, how policy affects people’s lives, and ways to influence it. The course begins with developing an understanding of the relationship between social work and social welfare policy. The course reviews the basic concepts, theories, and history of social welfare policy. It then critically examines major social welfare policies and programs that are relevant to generalist social work practice. The final portion of the course is devoted to policy practice which includes the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of policies to promote social and economic justice.

Prerequisite: Junior Status or permission
Course Fee: Please see course schedule for exact amount.
Course is Offered: FA Every Year

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